Thank you for considering Pac&Go Llc. This document details what Pac&Go Llc offers when you register for a Pac&Go Llc tour, and the expectations you must meet during your time with Pac&Go Llc (“Tour Conditions”). By registering for a tour with Pac&Go Llc, you are accepting these Tour Conditions, so please review this document thoroughly before submitting your reservation request.

We guarantee that the price of the tour you have chosen will be locked and secured as soon as we receive your deposit. You can check the current tour prices by visiting or calling us at +1(661) 406 0135. Please note that airfare is not included in our tour prices and they are subject to change without prior notice.

Our tour package includes sightseeing tours with a Pac&Go LLC guide, local guides where necessary, admission to group sights, specified meals, accommodations each night, and transportation from the first to the last hotel of the tour. Please note that optional activities or independent travel during the tour are not covered. We take pride in offering these inclusions to make your tour experience exceptional.

Please note that itineraries may change during the tour as Europe is full of surprises. We always strive to be flexible and take advantage of any opportunities to enhance your experience. However, please be aware that uncompleted portions of the itinerary will not result in a refund. Our top priority is to provide you with the best possible tour experience.

If you want to reserve a seat for a tour with Pac&Go LLC, you need to read and agree to our Tour Conditions. Additionally, a $400 deposit per person is required, and we accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express as payment options. We also accept personal checks, bank drafts, or money orders in US dollars drawn from a US or Canadian bank. Your final payment must be made in full at our office at least 60 days before the tour begins. The due date will be specified on your tour invoice. Please note that failure to make the final payment on time could result in removal from the tour.

If you sign up for a tour less than 60 days before its departure, the entire tour price must be paid and is non-refundable after 7 days.


Solo travelers and single supplements: We are an unusual tour company in that we offer solo travelers the option to either share a room with another solo tour member of the same sex* or pay a single supplement to secure a private room (required by most other companies). If you wish to guarantee a private room, we offer a limited number of single (not available for small group tours) supplements on each departure for an additional fee. If a private single room is unavailable when we receive your tour order, we will notify you immediately, and you will have the option to either cancel your reservation or agree to share a room with another tour member. Please note that a single supplement guarantees a private room — not a larger or nicer room, as European single-bed rooms are generally the smallest and most basic rooms the hotel has to offer! Single supplements are refundable if canceled at least 60 days prior to tour departure; those canceled later will be forfeited, unless you booked a tour less than 60 days before its departure date, in which case, the single supplement becomes non-refundable after 7 days, but may be creditable in the case of a Creditable Event, as outlined below.

Returned payments: If a payment to Pac&Go Llc is returned unpaid for any reason (in other words, if your check “bounces”), we will assess a $35 returned-item fee per occurrence. The fee(s) will be added to the applicable tour balance and must be paid in full prior to your tour departure.

Transferring to another tour: Change in plans? Up to 60 days prior to your tour’s departure, you can transfer to any other tour in the same calendar year with seats available, applying your existing deposit and with no transfer fee. If you transfer to a different tour, the price of that tour will be applied, effective on the date we confirm your transfer. Transfers less than 60 days before your tour’s departure are generally not possible.

Cancellations, refunds, and credits: Tour deposits are refundable up to 120 days prior to the tour’s departure date. Deposits made 91-150 days before the departure date become non-refundable after 30 days. Deposits made 68-90 days before the departure date become non-refundable on the final payment due date. Deposits become non-refundable after 7 days if a tour is booked less than 67 days before its departure date, but may be creditable in the case of a Creditable Event. Deposits are not refunded after the deposit refund date has passed.

All payments to Pac&Go LLC becomes non-refundable 60 days before departure. If you cancel for a Creditable Event (defined below), you may receive a credit for future travel with Pac&Go LLC Tours. For cancellations 31-60 days before the tour, the credit will tour price. For cancellations 1-30 days before the tour, the credit will be 50% of the tour price. If you must leave the tour for a non-Covid-19 Creditable Event, you may receive a pro-rated credit of $200 per day. If you or your travel partner must leave due to a positive Covid-19 test, you may receive a pro-rated refund of $200 per day. The credit is not transferable and expires on December 31 two years after the originally scheduled tour. This is not insurance and is not intended as a substitute for comprehensive travel and health insurance.

If Pac&Go Llc cancels your reserved tour, you will receive a full refund within 14 days as required by Washington State law. Alternatively, you can transfer to another tour with available seats within two weeks. Pac&Go Llc has no further obligations to tour members on canceled trips, including costs related to airline ticket issuance and cancellation or other travel reservations not made by Pac&Go Llc.

Creditable medical or family emergency (“Creditable Event”): Pac&Go LLC may provide a credit for future travel with Pac&Go LLC if you need to cancel due to a medical or family emergency event that occurs less than 60 days before your tour’s start date or while on tour. Pac&Go LLC will determine if your situation qualifies as a Creditable Event, and your traveling partner is someone who shares the same accommodations with you, while a family member is your spouse, step-child, or blood relative in the first degree.

  1. You or anyone in your travel group experiencing unexpected illness or injury requiring hospitalization prior to or during the tour.
  2. You or a family member experiencing a personal disaster, such as a home flood or serious crime, may require a change in travel plans.
  3. If you or your spouse are summoned to active military duty or have their leave canceled.
  4. Loss of employment.

Illness caused by coronavirus or COVID-19 is a Creditable Event, but fear of infection or prevalence of the virus in the tour location(s) is not.

Credit request process: If you need to cancel your tour, you must notify Pac&Go Llc immediately in writing: sent via email to or mailed to:

Pac&Go Llc

43712 32nd street east

Lancaster CA 93535

Cancellations are governed by Pac&Go Llc Tour Credit Terms and Conditions. To request a credit for a Creditable Event, file a claim with your insurance provider before requesting a credit from Pac&Go Llc. Pac&Go Llc will process your request for credit after you demonstrate the final insurance payment or settlement.

You must provide specific documentation for different cancellation reasons: a physician’s letter for illness/injury, a certified Covid-19 test result for positive diagnosis, a death certificate/obituary for a death, police/fire/investigative report for crime/flood/fire/accident, and a letter from your employer on company letterhead for job loss.


Tour forms, obligations, and risks: To travel on a tour and to qualify for cancellation credit, all tour members are required to review and accept a General Release and Waiver Agreement and a Health and Safety Pledge prior to the beginning of a tour. Omitting important information, or altering any of these agreements, will render it invalid and could result in expulsion from a tour at your own expense.

Participation: While we do our very best to help everyone on our tours have a great trip, it sometimes happens that someone participating in a tour can misbehave or do things that are incompatible with the safety, comfort, or convenience of other members of the tour. In those circumstances, we have the exclusive right and discretion to expel someone (even you) from a tour at any time.

Tour member expectations: Pac&Go LLC tours are physically active, and our hotels are centrally located but may offer fewer American-style amenities. Our people policy emphasizes a positive attitude at all times. These are essential characteristics of the Pac&Go LLC tour experience. When you join a Pac&Go LLC tour, you accept certain obligations and responsibilities to Pac&Go LLC and your fellow tour members, including the following:

  1. When traveling, you may need to carry or roll your luggage over uneven terrain and upstairs to reach your hotel room. This may not be applicable on 7-day city tours.
  2. Enjoy a physically demanding experience with our two-hour walking tours that include climbing stairs, using public transportation, and walking for up to four hours both indoors and outdoors in any weather conditions.
  3. Sleep in hotels without proper air conditioning, potential street noise, and slow or limited Wi-Fi access in common areas.
  4. After completing orientation and transportation classes, you will gain the skills to navigate cities independently.
  1. Our tour guides cannot provide assistance for any of these activities! Tour members requiring help must be accompanied by an able companion who can be entirely responsible for providing the assistance. (If you have concerns about the physical demands of our tours, please call us!)
  2. Always follow safety and health directives from your guide, Pac&Go Llc, or local officials. Examples include social distancing, wearing a mask over your nose and mouth, handwashing, using sanitizer, quarantining if you show symptoms, and taking a COVID test. More precautions may be required.

Pack light: Each member of the tour should bring one airline carry-on bag (about 21″ x 14″ x 9″) and a small day pack or shoulder bag.

Smoking policy: No smoking or vaping is allowed on the bus/train, in the hotel, or where other tour members are present.

Pac&Go Llc is registered with the State of California as a travel provider (CST# 202354517100).

* In the event of a solo traveler who indicates an unspecified gender on their passport, we will reach out to understand the traveler’s roommate preferences


If you or your travel partner experience a Creditable Event as determined by Pac&Go Llc (see Pac&Go Llc Tour Conditions), or if you have received a tour credit for any other reason, the tour credit details will be sent to you via email.

We are happy to offer you a tour credit. But, as with anything of value, it is important to avoid any misunderstandings about it. So please read the following information, for the use of your tour credit will be governed by these terms:

  • In the case of a Creditable Event, the amount of the tour credit will be determined in accordance with Pac&Go Llc Tour Conditions and will be offset by any payment or settlement you receive from any relevant insurance policy.
  • Tour credit value is stated and calculated in US dollars. Tour credits are redeemable for future tour bookings only and cannot be redeemable for cash, check, gift certificate, or credit back to a charge card.
  • Tour credits are non-transferable and will be forfeited if bartered, sold, or if obtained or used in an illegal or fraudulent manner, or through unauthorized persons or channels.
  • Tour credits will be awarded to the Primary Traveler on the Tour Reservation.
  • In the event of the tour credit owner’s death, the tour credit will be transferred to the travel partners from the canceled booking on a pro-rata basis. The credit will not be transferred to any other Tour Member’s account under any other circumstance.
  • Tour credits will expire on December 31, two years following the year of the originally scheduled tour (e.g. if you receive a credit for a tour set to depart in 2043, you may use that credit toward any tour(s) departing prior to December 31, 2045).
  • Tour credits may be redeemed when booking a new Pac&Go Llc tour online at Tour credits cannot be redeemed through a travel agency or any other source.
  • Tour credits must be redeemed for any tour(s) with a departure date on or before the the expiration date of the tour credit.
  • If your tour credit is insufficient to cover the full cost of your new tour(s), you will be responsible for paying the balance in accordance with the Pac&Go Llc Tour Conditions.
  • If you cancel a booking made with a tour credit in accordance with the Pac&Go Llc Tour Conditions, you may, at Pac&Go Llc’s sole discretion, be entitled to a tour credit up to the cost of the most recently canceled booking. If a tour credit is provided under this paragraph, any portion attributable to the redeemed credit will assume the expiration date of the originally issued credit.
  • The owner of a tour credit or any Tour Member whose tour was purchased using a tour credit understands that he/she will be required to provide an alternate form of payment before being allowed to join the tour if the tour credit was used for payment in violation of these terms and conditions or applicable law.
  • Pac&Go Llc reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time in their sole discretion.

Emanuele Leoni Dickinson
(Pac&Go Founder)

Independent Travel Agent

in collaboration with

American Travel Bureau, Lancaster CA (USA)

AR/IATA #05505183

Business License 07723648