The SUPER GREEN PASS ITALY is a digital Certification that also contains a QR code to verify its authenticity and validity. 

The SUPER GREEN PASS ITALY is valid in Italy and also in Europe.

Check this link and then get your Super Green Pass Italy:

Exemptions for COVID Vaccinations:

The vaccination exemption can be used to access where a green pass is required.

Who can attest to the exemption

At the request of the patient, the vaccinating doctors can certify the exemption from vaccination.

Who can get it

All those who, due to the presence of specific clinical conditions, cannot be vaccinated.

How to get the unique code to download the digital exemption certificate

The vaccination doctor issues the exemption, in digital or paper format.

Basically, the exemption has a unique code (CUEV) necessary to download the digital exemption certificate. 

The QR code and the CUEV present in the Exemption Certification must also be shown to take also the advantage of the free execution of rapid antigen tests in the pharmacy.

If you have the exemption and you have provided the Health Card, you can download the exemption certificate in the following ways:



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